A Horse of the Year Hawke's Bay board meeting is being held on Monday next week, when options will be discussed for who is to fill director roles.

Former Hastings District councillor Cynthia Bowers has been the council-appointed chairwoman of the board for a number of years, but having not sought re-election to the council this year, a decision will need to be made as to a council representative on the board.

Mayor Lawrence Yule said that would be a decision for the new council to make.

"I will be meeting with Cynthia next week to find out her views. Even if we don't make her a council appointee, the board members may put her in as a director."


His view was that she should be part of the board of directors to keep the continuity.

"As I understand it, two of the other directors have gone, they have appointed one new one and are still looking for another one.

"I would like to see Cynthia there for another year before the next show gets underway."

Ms Bowers said the directors would discuss the options at the meeting on Monday.

At the final council meeting before the elections, the Waterhouse report had recommended continuity, but that would be something for the new council to decide, she said.

"If I'm not considered for a councillor role, there is still a space on the board for another independent director seat."

In her report to the council for the year ended May 31, Ms Bowers noted director Cindy Mitchener had resigned to pursue other interests in May, and thanked fellow directors John Pearce, Vicky Glynn and Richard Dee for their support.

In August, Tim Aitken joined the board.