Returning Ruataniwha ward councillor Kelly Annand was the highest polling candidate across both wards in Central Hawke's Bay in today's progress result, and said she was very humbled by the outcome.

She said it had been a long haul campaigning over the last few months, and tonight she was looking forward to heading to a birthday party in Hastings and relaxing a little.

"It's a bit of a relief it's all over, we drive around and walk around and are always very conscious of being in the public eye - you have to put your life on hold a bit."

This was something she learnt when she campaigned for the first time in 2013, and she said her profile in the community over the last three years may have contributed to the 1,671 votes she received.


She said she was a little surprised that the mayoral vote was not closer, but thought that it was "a great result with some good people around the table."

Although she felt for the other incumbents with good knowledge who missed out on re-election, she was positive about being able to carry on their good work with the new council make-up.

With one term already under her belt, she said she had lots of things to pass on to the new councillors that she knew would be useful for them, and she hoped that they would be able to catch up socially before they all took their political seats.

Fellow urban ward incumbent Ian Sharp secured 1,477 votes, said he was also humbled and thankful to be re-elected.

"I'm looking forward to working with the new team - there's a very positive vibe going forward for CHB."

He acknowledged the dedicated contribution his fellow councillors had made who missed out on re-election.

"It's important the community understands their commitment and contribution over many years of long service."

He too felt that his experience would be helpful in the new line-up.

Tonight he was relaxing at home, after having spent the day helping organise the Waipukurau Golf Club 27-hole tournament that attracted players from CHB and beyond.

Newcomer Tim Chote came in not far behind Mr Sharp with 1,402 votes and said he was "rapt" to have been elected.

"I was a bit hesitant when I was asked to stand but as time has gone on I have really started looking forward to getting into it."

He said the results were pretty much as he expected, although he thought the mayoral vote might be closer, and that fellow urban ward candidate Pip Burne may get in.

Mrs Burne received 1,200 votes, behind the fourth successful urban candidate Gerard Minehan with 1,376.