Although disappointed, long-time CHB councillors Mark Williams and Maitland Manning, who have lost their seats on the Aramoana-Ruahine rural ward, are circumspect that the democratic process has had its day.

Mr Manning reflected that he had has four terms on council, and he was the least confident about his election success this year.

"It has been a challenge, particularly in the last term, and I have enjoyed it but it was time for a change."

He said one of the big surprises for him was the significant lead Alex Walker secured to take the mayoral seat, and he wished the new council well.


Mr Williams said he did not have any expectations about who would be successful this year as it was all very much up in the air.

"This has proved people wanted a change and they certainly got one."

In past elections he had either been involved in or witnessed, he said he had not seen anything quite like the re-shuffle that's occured in the rural ward, where four new councillors have been elected.

"But that's democracy, I have done my bit and I wish them all the best."

In the provisional results, Mr Manning was fifth polling in the ward at 754 votes, while Mr Williams received 691.