Ann Redstone is celebrating her newly elected council status.

"We've just opened a little bottle of champagne," she told Hawke's Bay Today.

Having lived in Clive and Haumoana most of her life, Ms Redstone has a passion for the region.

Having been encouraged by members of the community to stand for a Heretaunga Ward seat, she said the backing has been reassuring.


But she was very clear about her mandate.

"I'm just here to behalf of people to give them a proper voice. It's not about me as far as I'm concerned. It's about the people."

Having an ongoing involvement with numerous community groups now coming to an end, she said it's not the end of her fight.

"There are quite a few issues I want resolved. The water issue I want sorted as soon as possible. I mainly want to find out the reason why the issue happened in the first place.
"I also want to get the Opera House opened quickly. It's a huge opportunity for tourism. And the CBD needs to be upgraded and apartment living allowed."