Previous Hastings councillor Wayne Bradshaw is the surprise exit from the Hastings District Council Hastings-Havelock North ward.

Mr Bradshaw had served three terms on the council and was hoping to sit around the table for a fourth term after this election.

"I am disappointed but you take what you get, move on, and turn it in to a positive."

He said he and his wife have a lot of projects to do around the home, which he could now solely focus on.


"As a 58 year-old man no one will employ me so the projects we have going will provide me with new opportunities."

They have a large citrus orchard with trees needed to be planted and they are renovating a commercial property, which he said would keep him busy.

"I will also have to learn and get better at cooking for my wife, mowing the lawns and doing jobs around the home."

He said you just take what you get and obviously some people would be happy and others will not be with the results.

"I think there is enough experience around the table that will make sure people will all be able to have there say."

He said of course it came as a surprise, as he had never been in this position before but felt there was always a chance it could happen.

"It is a lottery, a bit like Russian roulette but in saying that I was happy to get 5000 votes and want to thank all those who did vote for me."

"The last nine years have been enjoyable but it is time for a change so I guess it is a positive result. Now I have the opportunity to do something new."