Just 24 hours since the last storm thrashed Central Hawke's Bay another one has hit.

Waipukurau was at the centre of torrential rain, thunder, lightening and hail again just before 5pm today.

Resident Nikki Harding said it was a bit like turning back the clock work.

Yesterday a rare deluge of hail, followed by heavy rain combined to cause flooding, blocking street gutters and causing businesses to be left inundated.


Professionals Real Estate sales manager Dianne Ogilvie said there was so much moisture in the building she could not leave it with doors closed.

"My husband is at the office at the moment being a security guard," she said earlier today.

"If we shut the doors it drips everywhere with the condensation."

Mrs Harding said the storm came at the same time as yesterday but this time they got 27.8ml of rain in just 20 minutes compared to 10ml yesterday.

She said it was very loud with a lot of thunder and lightening, similar to the storm just 24 hours earlier.

"I do not know whether it is an old wives tail to count between the thunder and lightening to see how far away the storm is but when we tried we could not count any numbers at the height of it. It was extremely intense."

Mrs Harding did not have any hail at her property this time but said her friends who lived under one kilometre up the road had their whole lawn covered.

"They told us that there lawn had been painted white."

A few kilometres north of Waipukurau near Kaimotu Road a drain had become blocked, which caused surface flooding across state highway two.

A fire spokesperson said they received the call just before 6pm as the road was underwater.

Fire, police and road maintenance were currently in the area managing traffic and slowing people down.

Te Hauke was also subject to flooding and volunteers from Waipukurau and Waipawa were helping farmers clean out the blocked drains.

MetService meteorologist, Tom Adams said there was widespread convection across the North Island which would have caused the thunder and hail.

"It is pretty unsettled and the rain is more localised, which means smaller areas could be hit with 25mls in an hour."

Mr Adams said it was no way near as convective tomorrow so the chance of another storm was very low.