The price of petrol dipped to another long-time low in Hawke's Bay today when the display price dropped under $1.50 for the first time in more than 12 years.

The price for 91 Octane at the self-service Gull Energy station in Karamu Rd, Hastings, was $1.48.7 a litre, dropping two cents from the $1.50.7 low of the previous week, while diesel was at 76.7c.

Cheaper petrol was available elsewhere with the use of card and voucher discount, and users were paying at least $20 less for the average motor vehicle petrol tank than they were just four months ago.

There were however wide differences in the prices of Octane 96 and diesel, two stations near the pricecutter both each showing 74.9c a litre for diesel late this morning.