The Pacific Crystal Palace Spiegeltent is almost ready and raring to go.

Harcourt's Arts Festival director, Pitsch Leiser, said they were on the home straight with the inside near complete.

"All we need now for the inside is the chairs. We are very pleased with how it has turned out and it looks beautiful."

The spiegeltent is owned by a New Zealand consortium of festivals and is decorated with stained glass windows, wood panelling and flooring, ornate lighting and mirrors.


Mr Leiser said it has a Kiwi touch with the inside design representing a lot of Kiwi icons.

"There is a very dominant Kiwi flow inside the tent."

The stained glass windows are filled with a Nikau tree design and the outside is made up of corrugated iron similar to your typical Kiwi woolshed.

As with its 2015 predecessor, the Famous Spiegeltent, it is equipped with a stage, bar area and individual seating booths.

Mr Leiser said the arrival of the Spiegeltent is an exciting touchstone for the festival, and he expects there to be a lot of buzz surrounding this exotic travelling venue.

"Audiences love them for their uniqueness and intimacy and the performers love them because they can really connect with the audience."

A bespoke perimeter fence constructed from Bostock's apple bins will surround the tent and give the site a distinctly Hawke's Bay flavour.

The Harcourt's Arts Festival opens on Tuesday October 4th and close on October 16th.