Missing retaining walls and culverts

How can approximately 1500 retaining walls and more than 2000 culverts go missing? It appears because of previous poor data collection at the Tararua District Council, district mayor Roly Ellis says. The missing retaining walls and culverts have now been "found" again and added to the council's asset inventory database.

Mayoral candidate trespassing

Recent meet the candidate election events have highlighted a risk where a candidate (Ernie Christison) has sought information by going onto private land to verify the condition of council's water headworks. Now council chief executive Blair King has said candidates' individual roles, collective power and responsibilities will become part of the wishing to stand information evening before the election. Mr King said while Mr Christison had been verbally advised before that such action wasn't permitted and advised of council's service request system, he went onto the land, posing a safety and security issue.