Dapper riders will don their finest outfits and sit astride their classic and vintage-styled motorcycles later this month to raise money for an important cause.

The world's largest motorcycling charity event, The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, is coming to Hawke's Bay for the first time later this month.

Held throughout the country for the past four years, Hawke's Bay Hosts Mark Dekker and Jason Lake saw the opportunity to bring the event to the region.

"Everyone into motorcycles who we spoke to wanted to see the event here," Mr Dekker said.


The event raises awareness towards men's health and men's suicide prevention, and this year aims to raise US$5 million (NZ$6.8m) internationally.

"The main incentive behind it was that my friend and I are passionate about classic and vintage-styled motorcycles and we were sufferers of depression," Mark Dekker said.

"We want to make it more acceptable for guys to speak up and ask for help."

Open to both men and women, the event has attracted 18 riders so far, with the hosts eager to join in on the action, too.

"The big focus is getting out in suits and looking dapper," Mr Dekker said.

Each Hawke's Bay participant is being encouraged to raise $1000 towards the cause.

The draw card of the day will be the "Show 'n Shine", where a large number of people are expected to come along to take a look at the unique motorcycles involved in the event.

- If you are interested in participating in the event on September 25, register through the website https://www.gentlemansride.com/