Horizons Regional Council candidate Andrew Day wants regional councillors held to account for decisions.

Mr Day is contesting the Tararua seat on the regional council for the second time and along with Dannevirke's Lorraine Stephenson is trying to take the seat from incumbent John Barrow.

A Pahiatua sheep and beef farmer and former president of Tararua Federated Farmers, Mr Day told a meeting in Dannevirke he wants to see improved governance and economic competency from Horizons.

"The last three years has been tough on our community and we need a diverse and vibrant community," he said.


"Isn't it reasonable for your grandchildren and their children to enjoy what we've grown up with - swimmable rivers?"

Mr Barrow, a Maharahara dairy farmer seeking re-election for a third term, said it's important to deal with the facts.

"Regional council issues are very emotive and it does require strong leadership and a determination to deal with the realities, rather than perceptions. We need credibility, consistency and, above all, stability and I believe I've played a major role in that credibility."

Dannevirke's Lorraine Stephenson wasn't at the meeting but told the Dannevirke News she would have no issue reflecting the wishes of most, rather than a sole group or special interest faction.

"I support policies benefiting community development, economic growth, environmental sustainability, rate affordability, employment opportunities and providing effective services to Tararua."