While her fellow competitors in the inaugural Harbour to Hills middle distance triathlon will be planning their strategic approach to the event Napier woman Toni Torr will be sharing hers ... with thousands.

Which is likely to be even more daunting than competing in the actual event next April which is set to draw a field of 500 competitors - many of them among the cream of the country's triathlon crop.

Because as she said, she has never competed in anything like it before.

She does a bit of gym work but that's it.


Although, having two friends who are competitors in such events she will have plenty of good advice and support.

Ms Torr won the opportunity to take part in the Harbour to Hill by giving another form of competition a shot - a radio competition through The Hits which, when she took the "you've won" call from Martin and Sarah, left her in tears of joy, as well as being almost speechless - "which is not like me", she said with a laugh.

As Sarah pointed out, all the gear she will need to take part, as well as training and nutritional requirements, will be provided for what she described as "the journey of a lifetime".

And Ms Torr agreed.

"It was a real 'oh my God' moment when they told me - I am going from zero to a hundred," she said.

"It is going to be an amazing challenge and I am determined I am going to do it and finish - oh yeah."

She heard about the competition while she was "stuck in Taupo" when the heavy snows swept the region.

She had gone to watch her friends compete in an event there and thought it would be great to try to do something like that herself one day.

"But where do you start?"

So she entered for the chance to take her fully funded and supported place on the start line for the April 2 event and left it at that - until the call came.

"You could be loving us or hating us," Martin said. "I was a blubbering mess - I was bawling after they told me I'd won," she said.

"It is going to be so cool and I've already had my first swimming lesson so I'm under way."

Martin and Sarah said they would be on the sideline cheering her on, and said listeners would be sharing Ms Torr's seven-month build-up to what is going to be one the region's biggest sporting events of the year.