Joel Faavae and Austin Edmonds are looking forward to the new Outward Bound course that will push them to their limits.

On Monday, they will be two of the 14 local secondary school students who will get the opportunity to attend the new "Kaweka" course.

The students were selected from Flaxmere College, William Colenso, Te Aute College, Hukarere College, Karamu High School, Hastings Boys' and Hastings Girls' High Schools and Wairoa College. They were chosen based on their leadership and commitment to the school.

During the 21 days, the students will be challenged to swim before sunrise, traverse high ropes, climb rock faces while blindfolded and scale mountains in the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sound.


Outward Bound school director Simon Graney said the students would build courage and resilience, experience success as a member of a team, identify their own values, develop an appreciation for the natural environment and experience being of service.

They would then return to Hawke's Bay and share what they had learned with their school community.

Mr Graney said the fundraising to send the students to the school was an on-going process.

"These young people do not have the financial resources to benefit from an opportunity like Outward Bound so we were always looking for more support."

Kathryn Simmons, administration executive of Flaxmere College in Hastings, was an enthusiastic supporter of the programme.

"Three of our students had previously attended a 'Mind, Body and Soul' course at Outward Bound.

"We were thrilled that Joel Faavae and Austin Edmonds from Flaxmere College had been given the opportunity to attend this life-changing course," she said.