Earlier warm weather has meant a lot of daffodils have already flowered, but it's not dampening the enthusiasm of volunteers organising the Cancer Society's annual Daffodil Day fundraiser.

"It's just going to be pot luck regarding the supply of daffodils, but hopefully the recent cold snap can slow the daffs growth," Shirley Walker, the Cancer Society's Tararua field officer said.

Plans are well under control throughout Tararua for the major fundraiser this Friday, but Mrs Walker said she doesn't have any expectations as to what will be raised in our district.

"It's pretty hard times financially, in our rural area and I'm just grateful for what our community contributes," she said. "At the end of the day it's the people out there with cancer and I worry about them trying to come out the other end of their journey. Anything our community contributes will help them."


Today Mrs Walker is hoping Oscar the Cancer Society's 2016 bear will arrive in town, after delays in his delivery.

"We'll take orders if he doesn't arrive," she said.

Major sponsor of Daffodil Day, the ANZ Bank is running a quiz night on Wednesday and Mrs Walker said she hopes to have three teams representing the Dannevirke Cancer Support Group taking part. Last year the quiz raised almost $2000, with local retailers providing prizes for the event once again this year.

"It's been a good night in past years and we're looking forward to it," Mrs Walker said.

The Cancer Society's Daffodil Day is in its 26th year and as well as generating funds, it raises awareness of cancer.

The daffodil is one of the first flowers of the spring season and with its bright, yellow blooms represents hope for the one in three New Zealanders affected by cancer each year.