Water boiling warnings remain in place in Havelock North today amid health board and district council confidence the suspected super bug that hit the area late last week is no longer in the water supply to users in the area.

But tests reveal the suspected campolybacter remains in one of the two bores which feed the supply, and residents can expect chlorination which began on Friday to continue so long as the authorities are confident the threat no long exists.

At a media conference in Hastings today Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule said that by the time Havelock North awoke on Saturday its water had been chlorinated and no presence of the bacteria had been detected in the reticulation since that time.

He said the focus today remained on the safety of the community and while work was continuing to establish a cause, many issues were to be dealt with as time progressed.


The number of people presenting at the hospital and doctors, while thought to number over 500, with many hundreds more known to have been affected, appeared to have "plateaud" and authorities would be meeting later today and to discuss the future need for boiling water, which Hastings District Council water services manager Brett Chapman said also boils off the chlorine.

It was however a near state emergency, and today a team of 22 people, using Red Cross and Civil Defence resources were moving into the community to ensure the welfare and safety of residents.

There were was however no indication of the source of the infection, with investigations continuing to establish whether surface water had made it's way into the source 20ft below the surface.

Meanwhile, the hospital had confirmed 62 cases of infection, with 63 more probables, with 22 remaining in hospital today. They included ,including two in the intensive care unit, although in a stable condition.