Since it was announced the Greendale Pool in Taradale would be closing its doors in December there had been a deluge of calls offering support and ideas to keep it running and the organisers of a public meeting this weekend are hopeful that support will gain further momentum from it.

Taradale Primary School principal Marty Hantz said the reaction from the Taradale and wider community had been "huge" since the news of its closure emerged late last month.

Despite remedial work on parts of the pool structure, an engineering report produced grim news.

Engineers cited potential structural risk issues and after the school commissioned an initial assessment of options the news just got grimmer.


That assessment found that repairs to the existing structure were not practical and the cost of a rebuild would likely exceed $2 million which would include necessary improvements to the filtration system and related facilities.

The pool is operated by the Greendale Swim Club, which has a long-term lease of it from the school where it was built in the late 1940s, and club committee member David Gray joined Mr Hantz in declaring that it would not be the end of the road for the pool.

It was the community which had the ability to save it, Mr Hantz said, adding that the reaction and resolve he had come across so far was "exciting."

"There has been a lot of interest from people who have said they want to help in some way."

Mr Hantz said there had also been approaches by businesses, including some in the building sector, offering support.

He said the key was turning the resolve into financial support to get the refurbishment sorted, and the building back up to safety.

"We want to hear from people - hear their ideas and talk about this."

The public meeting will be held at Taradale Primary School at 2pm tomorrow.

If the weather plays ball it will take place on the main field and people are asked to take along a portable chair and enter from Ngarimu Crescent.

If wet it will be staged in the school hall with the entry off Church Rd.

"This is something that can't be left to the school or the club - we need the community here."

Both Mr Hantz and Mr Gray will address the meeting.