Three-term Napier city councillor Keith Price is quick to sum up the state of the city and the region it is within.

"Napier is on a roll," said Mr Price.

"And so is Hawke's Bay - it is all looking very good and I want to continue to be a part of that," he said when announcing he would be standing for a fourth term in the ward of councillor at large.

Mr Price said at age 62 he was semi-retired, with his outside business involvement being that of a shareholder in Wiseys Pie and Bakehouse, and it was that semi-retirement which gave him one thing he said was vital in his role of councillor.


"I am able to put more time into things because I have that time - I'm able to meet with people and do as much as I can for the city."

Part of his overall philosophy was ensuring there was a voice "for everyone" and he had always been keen to step forward to work with a diverse range of community, cultural and sports groups.

Sports had always created a spark for him and he had been the council representative of the Hawke's Bay Sports Council.

"I like to see us bring events to town and want to see bigger sports going on here," he said.

"We are a tourist town and we need to look at having events every week of the year - something needs to be happening."

The Marine Parade, which he describes as the city's gem, is another strong focus.

He chaired the Marine Parade Development Committee and said he had long been a driver of developing the stretch.

"To see the work all going on up there now is great," he said.

"The parade is not a place for big carparks - you have that seafront view, the gem of the city."

The recent news that the National Aquarium of New Zealand was being lined up for a major, and startling, upgrade was exciting. "I want to be involved in that."

He also wants to remain involved with what he regards as one the country's premier tourism attractions - Art Deco.

"It's big now but it's still growing and I'd like to see more young people getting involved with it."

Having put in 27 years of service with the police, law and order was also a strong focus.

"That provided me with the experience needed to help make Napier a safer place."