Making a point for the need for a walkway on Riverdale Rd, Dannevirke Community Board member Tim Delaney spent one Sunday sitting in front of his home counting cars.

Mr Delaney has been urging the Community Board to support the construction of a walkway similar to the one on Smith and Adelaide Roads on the opposite side of Dannevirke.

"I counted 45 cars an hour one Sunday afternoon on RiverdaleRd while sitting outside my home and I believe the walkway should be one of our recommendations," Mr Delaney said.

"There is nowhere on the side of this road to get off when faced with traffic and it's just an accident waiting to happen," he said.


With 17 children living between George St and Tipapakuku Rd and the area very popular with recreational walkers, Mr Delaney said the walkway and a connecting footpath from George St to Riverdale Rd is long overdue.