An application to the Dannevirke Community Board for funding to host the primary school's Ross Shield rugby tournament almost came unstuck.

The 2016 Dannevirke Ross Shield committee had approached the board for $991 to assist with hire of the Town Hall and use of AMP Wai Splash pool during September's tournament.

"This is a huge event which will positively affect businesses and our community as a whole," committee member Rob Kjestrup wrote in a letter to the board.

"Unlike other events these under-13 rugby players from Wairoa, Napier, Hastings and Central Hawke's Bay, will bring thousands of extra people to town for a week. This will not only give local businesses a real boost financially, it also offers the visitors a chance to experience our community's genuine hospitality. The town will buzz."


However, community board member Ross Macdonald reminded fellow board members that the event had already received a $5000 grant from the Tararua District Council.

"It's almost like double-dipping," he said. "But in view of the fact it's good for our town, I propose we grant $331 for the hire of the Town Hall."

Fellow board member Ernie Christian wasn't too fazed by the request for funding.

"They've been told we've a second bucket of money," he said.

However, Tim Delaney said he believed there were plenty of other things which positively affected businesses in our community.

"When you have people approaching for funds at the front door and you give them some, normally you're not likely to give them more."

Mr Christian reminded the board that by paying for the hire of the Town Hall, they were "putting money back into our own bucket".

Community Board chairman Bob Dresser backed the $331 donation because of the special circumstances.