High fencing and a locked gate were no barriers for thieves who broke into a yard in Niven St, Onekawa, and made off with a set of mag wheels.

They also made off with a hydraulic lifting jack they took from a truck in the yard and used to lift the vehicle so they could remove the four low-profile mag wheels.

The incident was one of a string of thefts involving vehicles parked in the Pandora and Onekawa industrial areas in Napier over recent weeks, and one of three involving mag wheels.

Custom mag wheels were the target of thieves who also entered a locked compound in Ford Rd, Onekawa, and helped themselves to the set of "American" mags which were on the back of a utility vehicle parked there.


Also in Ford Rd, a vehicle was jacked up and left propped up on bricks and pieces of wood after its mag wheels were removed.

At the yard in Niven St where the specialised mag wheels were stolen, a shed was also broken into and tools, a backpack sprayer and work boots were taken.

In five other incidents reported to police in Turner Place, Mersey St, Carnegie Rd and Humber St, windows had been smashed to gain entry to vehicles.

In three cases speed radar detectors were stolen along with a dashboard-mounted camera, loose change and clothing.