Hawke's Bay locals will soon have another car park to choose from as Napier city's current parking undergoes a reshuffle.

The additional parking, which could provide more than 50 new car parks, is a looming result of Marine Parade's redevelopment which has reached its next stage, a Napier City Council spokeswoman said.

Napier's Glassons assistant manager Zavier Bain said the extra parks were a good idea, "they will definitely help".

Many workers park on the fringes of the city to avoid paying for parking.


Ms Bain, who chooses to pay for parking to minimise walking distance, says she has to make sure she is in town early enough to nab a spot.

"Being a female it's a security issue walking to your car at night when it's parked further away."

The Vautier St south public carpark was converted to a leased carpark following Napier City Council's approval and response to staff recommendations.

The lessees were informed of the imminent change well before the meeting, then had it confirmed before the changeover, the spokeswoman said. They were given the option of transferring their leases to Vautier St.

Meanwhile Munroe St, a popular parking spot for all-day workers, has recently had a revamp with lines painted for angle parking on both sides.

The newly structured parking area has made way for several new parking spaces.

Free all-day parking has also been organised on one side of Swan, Edwardes and Vautier streets.

The Council is also forming and sealing another carpark, providing 62 parking spaces, on a council-owned property on Edwardes St.

The work is expected to take about one month to complete.

At this stage, the parking will be free of charge until further notice.