Havelock North's William Barnes has outsmarted fellow Mastermind NZ contestants once again.

The teacher won last night's second semifinal, only missing a few points overall.

In his last round, Mr Barnes achieved what host Peter Williams deemed a "perfect round", correctly answering 11 questions.

During his first test he chose to answer questions about the life and political career of Joseph Stalin for his first stint in the hotseat.


Last night's episode began with Wellington's Ruth Delaney answering questions on the Apollo space programme from 1961 to 1972.

Librarian Ryan Wood took the seat next and answered questions on the TV series Mad Men, before web developer David Ritchie stepped up to answer questions about the original Star Wars trilogy.

The revived Mastermind show is a hot favourite among viewers with TVNZ designing a game that can be played at home for those who wish to test their own knowledge.

During his last TV appearance in May, Mr Barnes won a close contest against Mike Nahu who came up just one point short.

Mastermind airs on TV One on Sundays at 7.45pm.