Hastings' Jarks Cityside was hailed as the hottest place in town yesterday when flames were seen coming from the roof.

Owner Marianne Poszeluk said a member of the public had called to notify them of flames coming from the chimney about 10.15am, just before their 11am opening.

"We lit the fire as normal like every other day", but soon ash could also be seen floating on to the deck and shrouding the surrounding area, she said.

"We felt we should call the fire brigade as a precaution."


The cafe's location across the road from the Hastings Fire Station meant two fire engines arrived within minutes.

Despite having the chimney regularly cleaned, it appeared something had blocked it. Mrs Poszeluk suspected a birds' nest.

"It had spewed out the top, which is what caused [the fire]."

The fire service was at Jarks for about 40 minutes making sure the fire had not spread.

"As a tenant we had to ensure everything was absolutely clear from any risk," the owner said.

With a full house booked for lunchtime, Mrs Poszeluk said she was happy they could get things up and running again.

No damage could be seen from outside and inside the building was abuzz with chatter from happy diners.

Jarks used to be located in Waimarama before they made the move to the city to broaden their seasonal service, Mrs Poszeluk said, and they now enjoy the bustling environment at their Maraekakaho Rd address.