Bistronomy chef James Beck claims his five nominations for the pending Hawke's Bay Hospitality Awards is testament to his restaurant's crew. We asked him five questions.

1 Are you stoked with your five nominations for the pending hospitality awards?

It's really nice for the team who work really hard all the time. My team rocks - they are true Bistronomers.

2 After cooking in Hastings for years before moving your craft to Napier, what's the biggest difference in the dining scenes between the two cities?


There's definitely more of a dining-out culture in Napier. There is a growing little foodie hub centred round the bottom of Tennyson St with each establishment feeding off and supporting each other.

3 What do you cook at home?

Nothing. My awesome partner Amber does pretty much all the work at the moment as Bistronomy is an all-consuming labour of love for me. We have plans for a life though, oh ... we have plans.

4 What's your biggest culinary influence?

It would have to be Ferran Adria. With his ideas, recipes and techniques he released myself and many other chefs from the strictures of traditional French cuisine. Even now, years after El Bulli has closed, you see a large percentage of the world's top chefs have spent time in his kitchen. Not that I am one of the world's top chefs ... but you know what I mean.

5 If you could invite five - living or late - guests for dinner, who would they be?

John Coltrane for the music, Daniel Ost to arrange the table, Audrey Hepburn to add a touch of class, Michel Bras to advise on the meal and my Nana, whom I imagine would get on well with Audrey and John.