A call is being put out to the public to get behind what will become New Zealand's next world class sports facility.

Sir Graeme Avery made a presentation to Hastings District Council yesterday pledging the plans for AUT Millenium Hawke's Bay

"At this stage it's an estimated $10 million project, the enthusiasm for it already is so great that we may well have to make it bigger, but we will see."

Mr Avery successfully led four different fundraising appeals to build the $85 million AUT Millenium facility in Auckland.


He is now leading the charge here.

"Whilst there are unique features to this project because it is based in the Hawkes Bay, I have a sense that there is greater support at the same stage than in any of the four fundraising appeals that I led to build the current $85 million AUT Millennium, Auckland asset."

He said they were having to move ahead of schedule to take advantage of funding opportunities.

Yesterday's presentation was informing the council and seeking a financial contribution of $4 million for the development of the programme, Mr Avery said.

A further $3 million is being sought from philanthropic entities within the community and businesses.

Mr Avery said any other funds that were needed would come from grants given by charitable trusts and the lotteries commission.

"The stage that we are at now is contacting, meeting and interviewing with different people and groups within the community."

"I am confident that it is feasible for the required $10 million for the first stage to be raised. I would not have progressed to the initial announcement if I believed otherwise. "

Having lived in the region since 1999 he had noticed it had a lack of support systems.

It would be a facility that would be built as the big cities have, "I wanted to contribute something to regional New Zealand".

"Hawke's Bay will really have a real opportunity to create something that will be world class."

"There is however, the need for the community to fully come on board to ensure that the project does happen at the level we are planning. That process will continue over the next several months."

The meetings Mr Avery had already had with people had been positive, "and I don't anticipate the ones still to come to be other than positive".

A range of programmes will be delivered to both the community and elite athletes.

He said these programmes would be managed from people in the region as well as outside the region and rolled out to all areas of Hawke's Bay, from Wairoa to Central Hawke's Bay.

"Community led projects that meet and satisfy a real need always succeed - we will deliver bigger and better outcomes in community health and sport through a strong community focus and collective achievement across the whole Hawkes Bay region."