Tararua Alliance roading crews are carrying out urgent remedial work on Route 52 between Weber and Wimbledon to ensure the safety of the public, with one district councillor insisting the work is a priority for the community.

"I want to keep a close eye on this particular route because of its importance to the community out there," Tararua district councillor Jim Crispin said.

"I've also had reports of trucks coming out of forestry areas leaving lots of mud and dirt on the narrow road, making it extremely slippery."

Tararua District Council chief executive Blair King said police are keen to make sure truck and forestry owners have the ability to remove debris from vehicles before they start carting on the roads. And 12km of the route between Weber and Wimbledon is a priority for pavement repairs and rehabilitation for next season, with Tararua Alliance having initial discussions with NZTA regarding funding levels.