Part of Everett's campground will be closed for at least 18 months for a redevelopment hoped to stop motorists vandalising the ground.

Department of Conservation senior ranger for historic and recreation areas Malcolm Locke said the campground had been damaged by motorists doing "donuts" and skids, rendering them unusable until they were repaired.

A redevelopment was hoped to put a stop to this.

Mr Locke said the aim was to create "personalised" camping areas for the campground, on the banks of the Mohaka River, 24km from the Napier to Taupo Rd.


"This will hopefully reduce the amount of damage caused by inconsiderate people in vehicles and provide quieter and more secluded camping areas," he said.

"Once the plantings have reached a height where they are not easily removed or damaged, camping bays of various sizes and shapes will be created to provide more privacy for campers."

Mr Locke said Douglas fir was chosen as it was a low fire risk, self-pruned and reasonably fast growing.

"Once the Douglas firs are established, native trees may be planted underneath."

A fence will remain in place until the camping areas have been established and a roadway made. "We do realise this may be of some inconvenience for some people over the main holiday periods, but hopefully not for too long."

Mr Locke said more camping sites might be created amongst adjoining established tree planting and hopefully some before Christmas.

"In doing so, and in conjunction with the new planting, it is expected that we will actually increase the amount of camping spaces while at the same time making more private and secluded areas for campers and also cater for small self-contained camper vans."

Large caravans and motorhomes cannot access the campground due to a river ford.