Napier city councillors will not support the proposed multi-use Velodrome if the business case does not "stack up".

Deputy mayor Faye White and councillor Keith Price were yesterday appointed on to a steering group that would act as project manager for the velodrome business case.

They join Chris Collins from EIT, Craig Waterhouse from the Regional Indoor Sports & Events Centre Trust, Damon Harvey of Sport Hawke's Bay and Ivan Aplin of Cycling New Zealand.

The group will support the project sponsor, the chief executive, who is accountable to the council for the successful delivery of the Napier Arena project.


At a meeting yesterday, councillors were asked about the group's objectivity, independence and expertise in the area of indoor sports facilities.

Ms White said as this was the testing phase of the project, she would not be going into the group with preconceived ideas as to the project's outcome.

She and Mr Price would be "very vigilant and acting on behalf of council". She said they would bring the detailed case to council and would ensure the case did not proceed if it did not "stack up".

Councillor Graeme Taylor raised concerns about the terms of reference, asking the group to clear "obstacles" from the project's success.

"To me that means they've got to support it."

Napier mayor Bill Dalton said the council supported the project so far because it voted in the funding to do the business case.

"What we're saying is we want the council representatives to support that process until the business case and then it will be evaluated and if the project is not viable then the project dies."

Councillors' presence in the group would not affect their voting ability.