Cycling is more popular than ever in the Bay and a local network is looking at ensuring the roads are safe for all riders.

Cycle Aware Hawke's Bay co-co-ordinator Gavin Scoble said after a break of several years the Cycling Action Network was up and running again.

Mr Scoble said the group seeks a safe environment for cyclists in Hawke's Bay to help increase the numbers using bicycles for daily transport and recreation.

"We want as many people as possible to experience the simple pleasure of cycling, in our communities and around our great cycle trails but also by riding to work or school or simply to the shops."


Mr Scoble said the group's focus was primarily recreational and utility cycling but they had contacted the competitive cycling clubs to let them know what they are about.

"We all use the roads and have common interests when it comes to safer cycling."

He said that cycling in Hawke's Bay was increasing and significant investments were being made in local cycling infrastructure in Napier and Hastings.

"Cyclists need to have a voice and have input into decision-making when developments are being planned to help ensure that the best decisions are made."

Mr Scoble said early last year work colleague John Bebarfald and he discovered they were both making submissions to the council around cycling issues.

"We found we were both members of the Cycling Action Network and that the Hawke's Bay group was at that time not active."

That encouraged them to get it going again.

"Our initial steps were to find out what was happening on the local cycling scene affecting recreational and utility cyclists."

He said being part of a national network has significant advantages.

"The sorts of issues we face in Hawke's Bay are mirrored across the country so we can learn from the experience of others."