With Woodville residents complaining of foul tasting water, the Tararua District Council has had to abandon its impounded supply and resort to drawing water from the river and providing a water tanker in the town.

The long, hot weather, with very little rain and wind, has resulted in extreme algae conditions in the Woodville impounded water supply. Council staff have struggled to remove the odour and taste from the town water when the impounded water supply is used to supplement the river water.

One Woodville resident told the Dannevirke News there was only one word to describe the water coming from her tap - "yuk".

Part of the problem is that the Woodville dam is shaped like a teardrop on its side.


The design can contribute to increased sludge levels, adding to the clay problems of the existing dam - these problems can result in water which needs intense treatment to make it safe.

Now, council has decided to cease using the impounded water and rely on the river as the single source of water for the town.

This is only possible as demand from residents is falling with autumn weather setting in.

While the town water continues to be safe to drink, it will be some time before the poor quality water makes its way out of the system.

Council will undertake flushing of water lines as supply permits and are asking residents to help by avoiding unnecessary use of water, particularly outdoors.

Meanwhile, a water tanker is available for residents to fill their own containers for drinking water. It will be available from 8am to 7pm.

The tanker is located outside the Woodville Fire Station.