is on the hunt for the biggest joeys in the Bay.' />

The feijoa season is set to be another bumper one and Hawke's Bay Today is on the hunt for the biggest joeys in the Bay.

Roger Corbett of Havelock North, who grew some of the biggest feijoas in the country last year, said his trees are set to produce another fine crop.

"They still have about two or three weeks to go but are shaping up as a good size."

He said after last year's story he had fielded calls from all over the country from farmers wanting growing tips.


Mr Corbett's 316g feijoa went viral on social media, and was viewed almost 120,000 times on Facebook.

Although Mr Corbett's feijoas impressed, they were dwarfed in comparison to Heather Smith's.

The Havelock North farmer produced fruit tipping the scales at an astonishing 385g, a Hawke's Bay record.

A Hastings woman has some good sized feijoas in her garden this year, but still falls short or Ms Smith's record. Michaela Meredith said the biggest fruit to fall weighed in at 150g. The season for feijoas generally runs from March to late June.

Executive officer for the Hawke's Bay Fruitgrowers' Association, Dianne Vesty, said they were not aware of any members growing feijoas commercially and feijoas were not one of the categories covered by their membership.

"Locally there are plenty available because lots of people have a tree in their yard and are sharing a plentiful supply," she said.

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