Dannevirke RSA executive member and former soldier, Denis Tatere was delighted when two young men put their hands up to help erect the 240 white crosses at the Field of Remembrance on Tuesday.

Mates Darcy Newell and Sam Borlase offered to help with the back-breaking work of getting the crosses into the ground alongside the cenotaph.

"It's for a good cause and we can't expect the old fellas to keep on doing this," Sam said.

For RSA member Ralph Adrian, the help was encouraging.


"It might be hard on the back, but it's got to be done," he said as he used an old ramming tool to make sure the rows of white crosses were lined up with military precision.

"These old tools have their uses."

Mr Tatere said it was important young people began stepping up to carry forward the traditions surrounding Anzac Day commemorations.

"It's really good to see these two young men helping out."

Meanwhile, Mr Adrian is pushing for the Field of Remembrance to remain in place for longer this year.

"I think it should be here for at least a week after Anzac Day. Last year when I came down, there were people here, remembering every day. That's what it's about."