After nine years as a Napier city councillor, Maxine Boag is laying the groundwork for her succession.

The third-term Nelson Park Ward councillor has announced she will be standing in the October local body elections for a final term, alongside new candidate Apiata Tapine.

"One more term would be plenty," Ms Boag said, "but I don't want to abandon all I have worked for over the past nine years."

She had "shoulder-tapped" Mr Tapine, manager of the Maraenui EIT learning centre, and said she had two reasons for wanting him to stand as her running mate.


"First, if I'm re-elected I want the next term to be my last, so I need to do some succession planning," she said.

"Apiata is a like-minded person who has the same community focus as me. I know he will continue, nurture and grow the relationships across the ward that I've developed in the last nine years.

"Secondly, Nelson Park Ward elects two councillors and with Apiata, I know we will work closely together as a team.

"We'll share the workload and maximise our effectiveness in representing our ward."

Mr Tapine has managed the learning centre for three years. He is also a trustee of a variety of community groups and was approached by several people, including Ms Boag, asking if he would stand.

"I thought long and hard and consulted my employer, community members and my family, who all supported this move," Mr Tapine said.