Tajpreet Padda has a clear vision for her future - she wants to be a chiropractor and has her sights set on joining New Zealand's only chiropractic school in Auckland.

Tajpreet, a Year 12 weekly boarder at Woodford House, has always been interested in health sciences and making people's lives better through service, charity or healing.

"I knew I wanted to become a chiropractor when I was in Year 9. Before that, I was just generally interested in the health sciences, but after doing lots of research I decided I really wanted to be a chiro," Tajpreet says.

Having a clear vision has allowed Tajpreet to focus on courses that will help her reach that goal.


Last year, she gained an overall excellence in her year level and excellence endorsements in every course - mathematics, English, science, accounting, economics and history.

"At the beginning of 2015 my academic goal was to get all courses endorsed with excellence. At the time, I definitely thought I was pushing it with that goal, but I set my mind to it and worked hard throughout the year to reach my goal."

Like many of the girls at Woodford House, Tajpreet says her close friends were always willing to help and give advice along the way.

She also says, "My teachers, deans and homeroom mentor held the most important and valuable position in my schooling life last year and will do for years to come. Their support and endeavour to encourage me in reaching my full potential had a huge impact on my academic achievements."