After receiving a report from Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) on its review of practices at Tararua District Council, new processes have been put in place. The review was carried out at the request of council following the shock resignation last year of councillor Warren Davidson and his allegations of bullying and abuse from Mayor Roly Ellis and chief executive Blair King.

Council will provide elected members with access to a counselling service for use in situations where they may be experiencing significant stress related to their position.

"This service would be similar to the services frequently provided to staff," Blair King, council's chief executive said.

Tararua District Council uses EAP Services Ltd who deliver professional strategies and interventions for personal and workplace support, delivering emotional and physical wellbeing to individuals with increased productivity and position outcomes.


"The assistance can relate to personal or work issues which may affect someone's ability to do their job or impact on their wellbeing," Mr King said. "Any contact made with EAP is in confidence, with no disclosure of the individual's identity to council."

EAP have now extended their existing council assistance programme to the mayor, councillors and community board members.