It may not have the clarity and accuracy of a meteor-capturing photo taken by a Wellington man last Tuesday night, but Vaughan Thomas of Meeanee is reasonably happy with what he got.

"But I moved so it's got a wave in it - it was going in a straight line," he said. "And I'll have to get a better camera."

He had gone outside about 9pm and looking out in the direction of Cape Kidnappers to the east spotted what appeared to be three objects marking the night sky with orange trails.

"They almost lined up - I thought it looked like three but they separated pretty quickly."


He dashed inside and grabbed his camera just as the meteor was edging lower through the atmosphere and he grabbed a shot of what he described as a red arcing light.

The meteor was spotted and reported by several people across the North Island and Mr Thomas said it was a relatively brief but remarkable thing to see and he was pleased to have been one of those who spotted it.

Although he was not too pleased when he had what he had shot transferred to print.

"It annoyed the hell out of me but it's only a toy camera really - I'll get a better one one day."

It was, however, better than nothing.

A keen hunter, he has seen quite a few shooting stars while out in the light-less bush and had once held the compacted remnants of a small meteorite.

He said he would continue to keenly watch the night skies and would keep the camera closer by next time, and try to keep a steadier hand.