Power tools and machinery have been the targets for thieves who struck industrial premises in Napier during March - with cladding removed from walls to allow entry on two occasions.

Chainsaws were prime targets.

The burglaries were part of a surge in reported crime across the Onekawa and Pandora industrial areas in the past month, Community Constable Mike Burne said.

There were 10 burglaries reported - double the number reported during January and February.


"We usually only have three to five burglaries a month on average so these numbers are a bit higher than usual," Mr Burne said.

There had also been several reports of cars being broken into.

Early in the month thieves struck a business in Prebensen Drive and removed sheets of building cladding to break in.

They made off with a welder, chainsaw, skill-saw and chemical sprays.

During the Easter weekend cladding was also pulled away from a building in Leyland St, Onekawa, and again a chainsaw was targeted, along with several nail guns.

During the same long weekend a yard in Severn St, Onekawa, was broken into and a small motorcycle, two waterblasters, a chainsaw, a weedeater and an alloy ladder taken.

Mr Burne said there were also a string of break-ins where searches were made but nothing taken.

Police had enjoyed some success however, with CCTV again proving the vital component to identifying suspected thieves.

Two thieves described by Mr Burne as "well known" to police were caught on camera taking a butane torch from the Mega10 store in Prebensen Drive.

"Both have a date with the judiciary."

Thieves who stole a quantity of meat products from a Dunlop Rd business had also been caught on camera and identification was under way. One incident where a shipping container being used privately for general storage had been entered and rummaged through led to a piece of advice from police.

"Many are using shipping containers for storage on their premises and I've noticed that there are a few around secured with standard padlocks," Mr Burne said.

He said containers needed a more suitable and stronger "lock box" system which is used in conjunction with padlocks specially designed for containers.