A website has launched for locals to sign up support against what School for Havelock North spokesman Malcolm Dixon deems an "education crisis".

Mr Dixon is at the forefront of the School for Havelock North campaign and yesterday launched the site, saying more than 200 residents, families and parents had already joined.

A statement was released which stated the Havelock North community had launched a fight for a new primary school that was first promised in 2010.

Although he has made his concerns known since the announcement of the kura, he said the website was the first step in the campaign to build a supporter base.


Mr Dixon, a Hastings district councillor, said the Government had "blindsided Havelock North and left us without a much needed primary school, that would have prevented over capacity at the existing schools".

"We will keep working to get a primary school to meet all education needs in our local community."

Tukituki MP Craig Foss said: "This Labour Party campaign is about politics but what I'm really focussed on is getting the best education for our kids."

"If another primary school is required in Havelock North then of course it will be built, and I support this."

According to the statement, five years ago Havelock North's community worked hard to future proof for growing demand for primary school education, however, last year they lost the site the Ministry of Education purchased in 2010. "We have and will keep up the pressure."

Mr Dixon said Havelock North needed a new school now and wanted to know where the new school would be built and when the work would start.

"For nearly a year we have kept asking questions of MP Craig Foss but he has done nothing but use delay tactics and provide hollow answers," Mr Dixon said.

"Havelock North's current schools are full, we want to know what the education landscape will look like to meet Havelock North's needs," he said.

Mr Foss said he welcomed discussion about education in the Bay and continued to work hard to achieve results for young people and their families.

He said the process for building new schools had not changed since Labour was in government many, many years ago.

"We need the right schools, in the right place, at the right time."

The campaigner is asking people to join public campaign.

Mr Dixon said it was about raising public awareness and other plans are under way for fundraising and a public meeting.

"The future of Havelock North education is under threat and the Government must be held accountable," he said.