Last week's joint child restraint operation in Dannevirke between Horizons, Police and Plunket, resulted in 63 child restraints being checked.

"Of these, 26 were incorrect and 37 correct," Debbie Webster, Horizons Regional Council's road safety co-ordinator for Tararua and Horowhenua said.

Two free bolt installations and one tether strap extension unit were given away during the vehicle stops, with most of the problems centred around restraints not being installed correctly, with seatbelts routed incorrectly around the child restraint.

"There were also a few child car seats which were quite loose with lots of sideways movement and they needed better securing with the seatbelt." Ms Webster said. "In one vehicle stopped we found a 5-year-old travelling in the back in an adult seatbelt."


Since November 2013, it has been mandatory for all children up to the age of 7 years to be in an approved child restraint.

"The majority of people stopped were great to deal with," Ms Webster said. "We even had a couple of people who came looking for us as they had heard we were doing these checks around town and wanted to get their child car seats checked."

By law, it is the driver's responsibility to ensure all children in their vehicle are in the appropriate child restraint for their age and for every child (under 14 years) who isn't, the driver can be fined $150 fine plus demerit points.

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