A Hawke's Bay police dog found himself in the dog box recently after damaging a number of cones he was forced to wear.

Stig, a 15-month-old, German Shepherd, was recovering from an injury and bit back at having to wear a plastic cone by destroying four of them.

He spent his days off recovering from an abscess on his hind leg updating his chewing skills, a police spokeswoman said.

His actions, which would at times see the offenders he chased charged with wilful damage, put him in the dog box with his handler.


A picture of Stig with his handy work was posted on the Hawke's Bay Police Facebook page and had received more than 1700 views.

He has been a member of the police since he was a puppy.

A number of users wished Stig all the best in his recovery.

Tracey Hayes said that Stig looked peeved. "Think he just wants to get back to catching those crims! Get well soon Stig!"

Marqueney Unsworth-Blitz said it couldn't be easy to chew off. "Clever pooch!"

Ange Gibberd said: "Do you see the look on his face, says it all. Much too smart for plastic."

Stig has now recovered and returned to full duty on the force.