For a third consecutive concert in the Bay, the artists have been praised while the organisers have been slammed.

Three feature events in Hawke's Bay this summer - UB40, Simply Red and Sol3 Mio - have all received criticism for the events' management.

Poor parking planning, queues for alcohol and shambolic seating were the common complaints.

The crowd of 2500 at Pettigrew Green Arena, Taradale, on Wednesday night were delayed taking their seats and the show started 20 minutes after schedule.


Sol3 Mio manager Scott MacLachlan said the seating was the promoter's issue.

"We weren't very pleased but it was a challenging venue."

He said the last thing they wanted was people trying to figure out where their seats were while the show was about to begin.

"The way the venue was set up we had to move some people around, which isn't ideal," Mr MacLachlan said.

Despite the challenges, from an audience point of view the concert was amazing."

The gaffe will not stop the trio from returning to Napier.

"The boys love it in Napier, they loved the show, loved the audience, it is always a fixed venue for us to play."

"I've seen the show 60 or 70 times and I could tell straight away there was great interaction with the audience and that's what makes the best shows."

Pettigrew Green Arena board chairman Craig Waterhouse said the performance was phenomenal apart from the delay getting in.

"In the end it was only seven minutes."

Mr Waterhouse said he got a bit annoyed because Hawke's Bay people aren't used to queuing and some of the comments weren't needed.

"When you put a stage up suddenly you find that people have obstructed views. Because the tickets are purchased in different ways and these problems aren't discovered until on the night it makes communication difficult."

The performance started about 15-20 minutes late according to Sole Mio.

Mr Waterhouse said this was down to people's punctuality.

"Like we do in Hawke's Bay it was down to people arriving at the last minute."

Hawke's Bay Tourism general manager Annie Dundas said she has had pretty positive feedback overall about all of the concerts.

"Yes, there have been some teething problems but all are recognised and being dealt with for the next time around."

Garreth Bradley and his partner Julie were two of the customers who were "shafted" over the concert

"It was supposed to be our date night, these were our Valentine's Day presents. My partner has always been going on about Sol3 Mio and how much she loves their voices."

He said they did enjoy the show, but the ticket reallocation left a "sour taste in my mouth".