There's nothing like a good spot of exercise and for those heading into central Napier today for the great Tremains Art Deco Festival vintage car parade and other events there will be plenty of that.

Because taking a motor vehicle any further than the extreme CBD outskirts is virtually impossible.

The time we attended the marvellous parade it was case of parking down Wellesley Rd way and walking in ... along with a veritable battalion of other parade-goers.

But that's the way it should be, as on foot you encounter the colour and cool classic cars of Art Deco close up.


As one visitor remarked — everything that happens is in walking distance of everything else.

So one can look dandy as well as become a little fitter.


While Art Deco attire was in full swing on Thursday I did spot another line of distinctive clothing and it was the red, white and blue tops of the youngsters who took part in the Weet-Bix Tryathlon event ... although of course it morphed into a duathlon after the possible water woes encountered at the Frimley Aquatic Centre which was to have hosted the swimming legs.

It's always great to see the kids embarking on a physical challenge, and it doesn't matter where they finish although I daresay each and every one of the 1505 kids who took part dreamed of being among the first across the line.

A couple of youngsters from Lucknow School were intent on doing their best and had trained for it, and as one later said "it's the best we've done".

That's priceless.

The youngsters picked up their participating medals and caught their breath in the heat and some would have started thinking about next year. Some will, I'm sure, go on to forge fine athletic careers.

One of the organisers said the numbers taking part were increasing year after year and that is a very good statistic.

It's great to see youngsters take up a sporting challenge, and touching back on the Art Deco thing, it's equally great to see more young people donning the deco threads to become a stylish part of the great event.