A number of Taradale High School students were still too unwell to attend school yesterday, following a mysterious vomiting outbreak at Frimley Pools.

On Wednesday the school's swimming sports were cancelled before 11am after 20 students began vomiting and another 20 students reported feeling nauseous.

Taradale High School principal Stephen Hensman said four of the students who had experienced vomiting on Wednesday were still off school yesterday. Another six who had been feeling nauseous were also not feeling well enough to attend school.

Mr Hensman said health protection officers from the HBDHB were carrying out some medical testing of students who were still feeling unwell.


The officers had also visited the homes of some affected students yesterday, and questionnaires were being prepared for students - those who were ill at the pools, and those who used the pools but remained unaffected.

The Hastings District Council and Public Health Unit were continuing to investigate the cause of the illness.

Yesterday a council spokeswoman said the most recent pool results had come back clear. After Wednesday's incident a chlorine test was carried out by pool staff and came back as being in the average range. The pool's regular 8am test had also been within the same range. Despite this, council was going to wait for the results due today, and those expected tomorrow before reopening the pool.

A spokesperson from the Hawke's Bay District Health Board said they were still conducting water tests and had spoken with students.

Mr Hensman said: "Staff have been impressed with the responsible attitude taken by students in the thick of events yesterday. They were patient, co-operative, and understanding in the midst of an unexpected and upsetting train of events.

"I would like to thank the many members of the public who have expressed concern for our students. We have felt very supported through this episode."