For the children of Maraekakaho School near Hastings yesterday was a schoolday back in time.

A stylish and fun deco-day back in time.

"And they absolutely loved it," school secretary Brenda Cameron said.

While it was classes as usual for most of the morning, when four vintage cars arrived it was time to enjoy some Art Deco delights.


Most of the 138 pupils arrived at school with a touch of deco about their attire with feather boas and beads and boaters and braces galore.

"They have learned a lot about the whole Art Deco thing so it has been a case of learning and having some fun," Mrs Cameron said.

The four vintage cars belonged to people associated with the school.

All the children had the opportunity to sit in each car and the sound of honking horns filled the air.

It was then time for a Gatsby Picnic lunch with parents and staff joining for club sandwiches, quiche and scotch eggs.

In the afternoon it was time for some sport and recreation from times past.

"They played quoits, knucklebones, had sack races and egg and spoon races and there was a great tug of war."

There was also music from the 1920s and 1930s played out across the grounds to complete the step back in time.

It was the third year the school had staged a special day to tie in with the Tremains Art Deco Festival.

"Just a great family day and a lot of fun," Mrs Cameron said.