A manager of a Napier backpackers supports claims that New Zealanders are the worst guests to have, but won't close his doors to Kiwis. Ryan Turney, 20, was turned away from a backpackers in Blenheim after being told they did not accept New Zealanders. The policy is understood to have been adopted by other accommodation providers in the town, who claim booze-loving Kiwis cause trouble, intimidate other guests and are uneducated. Napier's Stables Lodge Backpackers manager JinSoo Kwak said they did have problems with Kiwi guests but not to the point of denying them accommodation.

"We always accept New Zealand people," he said. However, he added, they were the most troublesome guests.

Stealing bedding, not showering, loud music, creating a mess and drunken aggression were common complaints about Kiwis by international backpackers. In a bid to stamp out such behaviour, Mr Kwak said they now ask for identification and credit card details. Most were receptive to this policy; however, some refused and became abusive.

"New Zealanders need to become more respectful and responsible," Mr Kwak said.


Devon Snell from Rotten Apple backpackers in Hastings was shocked to learn a New Zealander was turned away for being a New Zealander. Mr Snell said Rotten Apple promotes a friendly environment. "If someone showed up looking a bit rough then we would investigate, but we would never turn someone away based on anything else." He said if Leeways had good reason to turn Turney away, then fair enough, but they shouldn't just say no Kiwis.