One of the four people charged following the assault of a pizza delivery man and theft of his car, cellphone and pizzas has appeared in court again.

Charlene Senara Potaua, 18, appeared at Hastings District Court yesterday and was granted bail. She had been in custody since January 25 but would now be electronically monitored with a bracelet in the community.

She is facing one charge of aggravated robbery, another for failing to comply with police as well as failing to stop for red and blue flashing lights.

She is part of a group of four who were arrested after an alleged aggravated robbery.


Dominos pizza worker Shashi Sharma was allegedly lured to a quiet, poorly lit street on Bluff Hill where he was set upon. He suffered multiple facial-bone fractures and a cut to the back of the head.

Potaua is set to reappear March 17.