This year's local government election campaign has been kicked off by Hastings District Councillor Adrienne Pierce who has announced her intention to run for mayor.

Speaking exclusively to Hawke's Bay Today, the Hastings-Havelock North ward representative said she made the decision to stand over summer.

"My announcement now is to allow me to talk with as many ratepayers as possible to see what their views are on what the Hastings district needs," Ms Pierce said.

"My primary aim is to focus on the ratepayers and to provide them with value for their rates dollar.


"We have had a lot of big visions and talk of being bold and courageous for a number of years. I am keen to get back to basics."

She said there were some things she believed needed changing.

"I think there is a need for the possibility of a different way of looking at things."

"I really like Lawrence (Yule), I admire him. I have spoken to him as well as letting my colleagues, the other councillors, know what I am doing."

Mayor Yule said running for the mayoralty was a big call and took courage.

"I congratulate her for making that call to stand," he said, adding he won't be making his decision until April.

When asked how her colleagues reacted to her announcement, Ms Pierce replied "surprised".

Councillor Wayne Bradshaw said everyone had a right to stand for whatever they wanted.
"Personally I think it is a bit early for me to think about anything like that, but I say good luck to her," he said.

Simon Nixon said for him it was still early days to be making such a decision, but he would certainly like to see "someone who has some mileage" run.

Ms Pierce is only in her first term as a councillor.

"Perhaps she thinks by putting her hand up first it gives her an advantage," he said.

"A lot of people were critical of me for standing for mayor when I had never been on council.

"I can understand that now that first term is really a whole learning experience which you tend to have to go through."

Both Mr Nixon and Mr Bradshaw stood for the mayoralty last election.

Ms Pierce said there would be many who would take a negative view of her newness to the local government scene.

"But I believe that has a lot of benefits, I am not indoctrinated into the system.

I am not accepting of 'this is how we have always done it' and I don't have people I need to please."

Ms Pierce said, however, for now it was just early days.

"The more I find out, the more focused my thinking will become," she said.

"But being involved at council, I just see there are some new ways of looking at things.

And maybe a new point of view is not a bad thing."

Ms Pierce will also run as a councillor in the elections which will be held in October this year. Previously she stood for selection for the National Party in the Napier seat but was unsuccessful.

Adrienne's platform:

* What is the job of the council - roads, bridges, footpaths, sewerage, parks, libraries? - Is the council doing well in all of these areas?

* Is there a "growth culture" at the council?

* Is the district open for business?

* Does the council have a "how can we help you culture?".

* How responsive is the council?

* How transparent is the council?

* How efficient is the council?

* Where is the council debt at and how can we work on minimising that debt 2016 - 2019?

* What is the purchasing culture at the council? Is there a "buy local" culture?