An elderly couple's evening was interrupted when a car ploughed through their garden fence yesterday .

The incident occurred at about 8.30pm on Ward Cres in Napier.

Police say the male passenger allegedly pulled the handbrake of the car, forcing his girlfriend to lose control.

They crashed through the steel-and-concrete fence and into a tree.


Police arrested the passenger, who was "significantly' over the limit, Constable Mark Brinsdon said.

Mr Brinsdon confirmed the woman who was driving had also blown over the limit.

"They will both be processed," Mr Brinsdon said.

Police were yet to determine if speed was a factor.

The car was towed from the scene.

An elderly woman, who did not wish to be named, said she was sitting inside with her husband when they heard the "very loud" bang.

She said there were children playing on the street and the situation could have been much worse.

It was not the first time the couple's fence had been redesigned in a car accident. A few years ago a similar incident occurred just metres from last night's crash.

"On top of our dog being run over last week, we really didn't need this," the woman said.

The couple hope to repair the fence as soon as possible so their new puppy could not escape.