Black Barn Open Air Cinema is defending its rainy-day movies to some disgruntled locals who despise sitting in the rain.

Events manager Francis de Jager responded to the complaints by saying, "people need to dress appropriately".

"Unless it's really miserable weather we go ahead with the movies."

He said people could call a number printed on the tickets to check what their options were in the face of bad weather.


"We try and be flexible instead of being too rigid," he said.

Taradale's Nicole Bason said she tried to go on Saturday night, but it was "absolutely hosing down".

When she called in she said she was told she could not use her ticket for another movie on a finer night. However, the determined moviegoer said she would try again for another movie, "we are just going to rock on up, tickets in hand".

"We just thought we'd try our luck." While Ms Bason said "it would have been nice" to see the movie she had initially chosen, she was happy to see a different one just for the open-air experience.

Cancellations were not normally given to people who chose not to attend their chosen movie, but Mr de Jager did not rule this option out. He said there was no "blanket policy" and people were dealt with "case by case".