Origin Earth is a very good title for this company which was set up by Joanie and Richard Williams in 2010.

Because yes, the origin of the products is from the good earth - an earth that provides fine feed.

Or as the couple describe it - "biologically active soils".

None of the unique milk products Origin Earth creates are standardised, homogenised, stabilised or separated.


There are no additives like milk powders, thickeners or emulsifiers in there.

"What you purchase are products made from milk straight from the animal."

And they are, to say the least, inviting and unique products - which have been well accepted and enjoyed by people seeking something both fresh and different.

The variety is testimony to the couple's devotion and passion in creating something so very fresh and very tasty on the dairy front.

Check it out - cow feta in brine, cow halloumi, cow camembert style cheese and 'sleeping' giant sheep hard cheese.

Oh yes, there is milk from sheep as well in the great line-up mix.

Sheep pot yoghurt is there also, and the Lebanese cream cheese is a firm favourite.

The milk is as fresh as it can get, and it can all be traced to the farm, the paddock and the animals it came from.

As Joanie and Richard say, milk is a fragile liquid and appropriate and minimal handling from the time it leaves the animal is "imperative".

Small batches are picked up from the farm near Origin Earth's Havelock North plant and is crafted into cheese, pot set yoghurt and fresh milk.

"Our fresh milk is available just hours after the morning milking."

Back in September 2012 they shifted into their present premises at the old cheese factory in Te Mata Rd, so there is plenty of potential for expansion.

The fine fare can be found at the Hawke's Bay Farmers Market, supermarkets and specialist food stores throughout the Bay.

Origin Earth:

* Te Mata Rd, Havelock North

* Website: originearth.nz

* Phone: 06 878 2786